​62 piece Party Tray

1 1/2 dozen cookies(chocolate chip and peanut butter) packaged in a festive box.


        Traditional Cookie Trays

Choose from :  Spritz, Chocolate chip, Peanut butter, Oatmeal raisin, Snickerdoodle, White chocolate toffee, Thumbprints, Italian delights, Apple squares, Cherry squares, Butterhorns, Russian tea cakes, chocolate tea cakes and Blondies..

Holiday cookie box

Our popular iced cut-outs packaged on a silver tray ready for serving.

 3 dozen - ​$33.00

6 dozen - $63.00

Iced Cut-outs Box 

Iced cut-outs Tray

 25 Piece       -       $23.00

 50 Piece       -       $41.00

​100 Piece     -        $71.00

   You choice of 6 - 10 kinds

 (25 piece tray 5 kinds only)

cake shop

1 dozen of our popular iced cut-outs packaged in a gold window box.



Holiday Cookie & Pastry trays

2 dozen cookies which includes chocolate chip, peanut butter, russian tea cakes and spritz. Packaged in a gold window box.


Choose from - Cheesecake bars, Russian tea cakes, Chocolate tea cakes, Pecan tarts, Italian delights,

Mini lady locks, Mini custard puffs, Blondies, Almond macaroons, Cherry squares, Apple squares, Kifli, White chocolate toffee, Raspberry cremes, Butterhorns and Chocolate dipped butter logs.


     Deluxe Pastry Trays

one dozen each of Spritz, Chocolate chip, Peanut butter, Chocolate tea cakes and Russian tea cakes. Topped off with a gingerbread boy and girl.


25 Piece        -          $20.00

50  Piece       -          $35.00

100 Piece      -          $61.00.

Your choice of 6-10 kinds.

(25 piece tray 5 kinds only)

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