1/4 sheet brownies -  $24.00

1/2 sheet brownies -  $45.00

Brownie sampler

A selection of all 4 kinds 

18 piece - $20.00

36 piece - $38.00

Peanut butter 

Double layer chocolate brownie with peanut butter filling and fudge icing, topped with crushed peanuts.

 Caramel Raspberry

 Double layer chocolate brownie with Caramel Raspberry filling and Fudge icing.

Chocolate walnut

Double layer chocolate walnut  brownie with caramel and fudge icing topped         with crushed walnuts .  


White Chocolate brownie with heath and caramel and walnuts  and 

drizzled with  white chocolate.

Gourmet  B rownies

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