Boxed  Cookies 

Cookies By The Dozen

$6.10 per dozen
Chocolate Chip

$6.10 per dozen

Peanut Butter
$6.10 per dozen
Oatmeal Raisin
$6.10 per dozen
$6.10 per dozen
White Chocolate Toffee
$7.15 per dozen
M&M cookies
$7.15 per dozen
Italian Delights
$7.15 per dozen
Russian Tea Cakes
$7.15 per dozen
$7.15 per dozen
$7.85 per dozen
Chocolate Dipped Butter Logs
$7.85 per dozen
Cherry Squares
$7.85 per dozen
Apple Squares
$7.85 per dozen
Mini Lady Locks
$7.85 per dozen
Mini Custard Puffs
$7.85 per dozen
$7.85 per dozen
Cheesecake Bars
$8.40 per dozen
Almond Macaroons
$8.40 per dozen
Pecan Tarts
$8.90 per dozen
Kifli (nut, apricot, or raspberry)
$8.90 per dozen
Raspberry Cremes
$8.90 per dozen
  10% discount when ordering 12 dozen or more!

Cut-Out Cookies

Traditional Iced Cut-Outs
$9.50 per dozen
Traditional Sugar Cut-Outs
$9.50 per dozen
Fancy Decorated Cut-Outs
$1.75 each
Fancy Decorated Cut-Outs on stick
$2.00 each

 Gingerbread boys and girls
$13.00 per dozen


Chocolate Rolls
Chocolate Mint Rolls
Pumpkin Rolls
Sugar Free Pumpkin Rolls

Chocolate Fudge Wreath     

2 Pounds of delicious homemade fudge inside a beautiful decorated chocolate wreath.

Chocolate fudge        -   $15.00

Chocolate  walnut      -   $16.00

Peanut butter             -   $15.00

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Fully Decorated Gingerbread house

Can be personalized.  $23.00 

Deluxe Pastry Tray

25 Piece Tray - $23.00

50 Piece Tray - $41.00

100 Piece Tray - $71.00

Your choice of 6-10 kinds (5 kinds for the 25 piece tray) including:

Cheesecake Bars, Nut Kifli, Apricot Kifli, Raspberry Kifli, Russian Tea Cakes, Italian Delights, Mini Lady Locks, Mini Custard Puffs, Almond Macaroons, Cherry Squares, Apple Squares, Blondies, Pecan Tarts, White Chocolate Toffees, Raspberry Cremes, Butterhorns, Nanaimo Bars and Chocolate Dipped Butter Logs.

Holiday Box - A 1/2 dozen each of chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodles, Russian tea cakes and spritz.  $13.95 each

Santa's Workshop - 1 1/2 dozen cookies (chocolate chip and peanut butter) packaged in a festive box.  Only $11.00

62 Piece Party Tray - One dozen each of Spritz, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Tea Cakes, Russian Tea Cakes and topped off with a gingerbread boy and girl.   $30.00


Gingerbread boys and girls $13.00 per dozen.

 Freshly baked,  can be personalized with names.

Christmas Cut-Out Box-
A dozen  of our popular iced cut-outs packaged in a Winter Wonderland box.

$12.00 each

Traditional Cookie Tray

25 Piece Tray - $20.00

50 Piece Tray - $35.00

100 Piece Tray - $61.00

Your choice of 6-10 kinds (5 kinds for the 25 piece tray) including:

Spritz, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodles, White Chocolate Toffees, Thumbprints, Italian Delights, Apple Squares, Cherry Squares, Butterhorns, Russian Tea Cakes, and Blondies.

Assorted decorated cookies

     5 piece -  $20.00

    7 piece -  $25.00

    9 piece -  $32.00

  12 piece - $40.00

Cookie Bouquets

Gingerbread house kit  $20.00

Everything you need to create your own house. We provide the house pieces, ingredients to make the icing and the candy to decorate. 

    62 piece party tray