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​Banana Split Cake


3 layers of moist dark chocolate cake . Oreo mint filling and iced in whip creme.

3 layers of chiffon cake made with coconut and pecans. Mandarin orange filling. Iced in buttercream

​Coconut Pecan Cake

​Chocolate Oreo Mint Cake

3 layers of moist chocolate cake. Peanut butter filling and iced in creamy fudge.

​Strawberry Cassata Cake


3 layers of dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and iced in chocolate fudge. 



Bumblebee  Cake

​Death By Chocolate Cake




Carrot Cake

Bumblebee Cake


3 layers of dark chocolate cake . Filled with cookie and cream filling. Iced in  buttercream.

4 layers of moist banana cake filled with strawberry, chocolate and pineapple. Iced in whip creme 


Each month we offer a special on one of our gourmet 7" cakes. Each cake is a 3 or 4 layer cake with filling. Regular price is $22.00. Specials when shown with white icing can be ordered in whip crème or buttercream icing. Writing can be added for no extra charge. $5.00 decorating charge if icing flowers are added. 

​                                                               7" Cake serves 8 people

4 layers of chocolate and orange cake. Filled with mousse and a sting of raspberry. Buttercream icing.


3 layer ​heart shaped white cake,

​strawberry filling.  Choc.buttercream icing . Topped with dipped strawberries

3 layers of moist pumpkin cake . Filled with cream cheese and iced in whip crème.

​The Great Pumpkin Cake

​Cookies & Cream Cake

3 layer cake made with bananas , pineapple and pecans. Cream cheese filling. Iced in whip crème. Garnished with toasted pecans.



2018 - Cake of the month calender

3 layers of carrot cake chock full of carrots & walnuts filled with cream cheese and iced in whip crème.

​Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Cake

Strawberry Heart Cake


3 layer yellow cake filled with strawberry and Bavarian crème,iced in whip creme. Topped with sliced strawberries

​Hummingbird Cake